Pencarian Kegiatan



A fun day Wednesday, January 10, 2024 two TeachCast teachers, Ms. Nicole Aldana and Ms. Amanda Woods accompanied by Ms. Lili visited Talenta Elementary School children. This visit is an annual event so that children feel more welcomed and close to the teachers from TeachCast. This fun and inspiring activity provides an opportunity for students to chat directly and play guessing games. Their daily life stories, hobbies, pets, atmosphere at home, weather, and many other things become topics of conversation.

Ms. Nicole Aldana and Ms. Amanda Woods also encourage children to interact more with energetic gaming sessions. They provide space for students to ask questions about various topics. This creates an open atmosphere and sparks curiosity among students, providing a more enjoyable and in-depth learning experience. See you next year with native speakers. God bless.

-Ms. Asti

Sekolah Talenta Bandung - Indonesia